Should I get an SATA II cable or just regular SATA (Serial ATA/150) cable for an ODD?

Optical drives are Serial ATA/150 / 1.5Gbps, right?

Thinking of getting an OEM drive (Pioneer DVR-212BK)… just want to make sure I’m not doing something stupid with the cable…

Thanks very much!

Any SATA cable should be fine considering the relatively low burst rates of optical drives.

There are really two different type of SATA cables?

as far as my googling revealed, the answer to that is no!

any sata cable made to the “standard” is sata 2 capable

Thanks Chewy :bigsmile:

Thanks for the answer, and responses, everyone!

After making my post, I also ran across this thread at Tom’s Hardware, where they were discussing the same thing:

The SATA II type cables do have a metal latch, I guess some people have problems with the plugs getting loose and falling off.