Should I get an OEM / BEBN CD or DVD drive?

Need some help ! I am looking for a cd/dvd RW drive . I don’t really know what to get …I see some that say OEM and some that say BEBN and I don’t know what the difference is…My cd rom went out and I want to up grade…Any help would be appreciated…

Hi Sue and welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

‘OEM’ applies to a lot of pieces of computer equipment, and stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. This means you are buying a very basic drive with no accessories such as leads, cables, and even screws to fit it. This is not a problem though if you know what you’re doing, and can just swap out the old drive for the new one.

As for ‘BEBN’; well I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds like a firmware version for a particular drive such as Samsung.

Before giving you any advice on what drive to buy, perhaps you could tell us what you want to do with a new drive. For example, do you want to burn CDs and DVDs or just looking for something to read discs?

An OEM drive may or may not include burning software. There are some good freeware apps like CDBurnerXP which works well for the basics if thats all you need. Alternatively a inexpensive OEM copy of Nero, the best burning software in own opinion, can be had on eBay in the $10 range. I personally prefer version 6 over the newer 7. Good Luck.

If I’m not wrong you are talkiing about the Samsung 182 drives. They have the 182D and the 182M-BEBN which is the same drive as the “D” drive but has Lightscribe.

The OEM will be a few dollars cheaper than the full retail. However, the full retail may come with a full warranty whereas the OEM may have a limited warranty (30 days). Check the seller’s policy.

You can also add the Sony DRU820 or 830 if you are looking for a quality CD/DVD read/write drive. Neither has Lightscribe, but work almost perfectly in a retrofit situation. The included software is a good value. If you want a solid Shareware software package, then Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 and the companion Audio Center 3 are priced well and they work with my Sony drives.
Do you need Lightscribe-consider that it is new technology for one thing. Also, you need to be running a fully setup XP machine to get the most out of the drive. There are a number of reviews for drives on this site-read them as to drives and software. Each of us has our favorites :slight_smile: I’ve used both Roxio/Sonic and Nero and will not be loading them again; my preference for Sony is longstanding and well founded.