Should I get a DVD ROM or another Burner?



I have an old TDK 420N, I think it’s a rebadged NEC. It just burns DVD+R’s.

My wife is buying me a graduation gift. I’m thinking of getting a DVD reader for about $35 from Newegg, but she said that she had saved for a new burner, the NEC 2500A for $85 from Newegg.

I wanted the burner so I could use DVD-R’s since they seem to be a bit cheaper. Although DVD+R’s do seem to be getting cheaper, at least the Ritek’s DVD-R’s and DVD+R’s at newegg are about the same price now.

I wanted a DVD reader because I wanted to copy an already backed up DVD by playing it in the reader and copying it in my current burner simultaneously without having to copy it to the hard drive and then copy it to the DVD disc. Can I even do this using a program like DVD Decrypter?

It would also be nice to rip faster. The TDK 420N I have only does it at about 2.4x usually. Can a new burner give faster rip speeds or do I need to get a reader?

Can anyone give some helpful thoughts about this?


I think a good combination is the Lite-On XJ-HD166S and the NEC 2500A.