Should I get a DVD-reader/CD-R combo?

I need a good reliable DVD reader. I already have a NEC 2510 burner. To take some load of it I was thinking about getting a combo drive that will allow me to read DVDs and do some CD-R burning as well. That way my NEC will only be used to burn DVDs. The Lite-On SOHC-5235K is a possibility. I this a good idea?

I have a liteon 5232k and an NEC 3500 that I use together to backup movies. However the combo drive reads DVD’s slowly and can not be hacked to remove the riplock, so if I am in a hurry I will rip and burn with the NEC that has one of the Liggy-Dee firmwares with riplock removed. This knocks off at least 10 min. of the rip time.

I am surprised to hear that the riplock cannot be removed from the Lite-On. I always thought this brand wasnt limited in any way. I think I will look around for another solution.

I’m not positive but I think the DVD drive might have a modified firmware to disable the riplock, but the combo (DVDreader + CD RW)drive doesn’t. Keep in mind that if you flash any modified firmware you loose your warranty.

I just found out that apparently has a patched firmware for the 5235K combo and for the 5232K as well. Description says “faster DVD R/RW/RDL reading” so I guess this means the riplock is removed.

That is only for burned DVD’s R, RW & DL, not for pressed manufactured discs.

Hi guys!
First post here:) I’m also in the same position as cfp999, but I bought myself a BenQ. What do you guys recomend to be a good DVD reader?