Should I get a DVD drive now or wait for DVD-RW?

Hi all,

Do U think it is wise to pick up a 166S now or should I wait for LiteOn’s DVD-RW? How much would the DVD-RW costs when it is released and when? All I have now is a 52x CDROM and a 48-12-48 LiteOn CDRW.


Depends on what your need is. If you’re planning on “backing up” your DVD collection w/ little or no compression then wait for the Lite-On DVD writer. If you’re planning on just watching DVDs and maybe just “backing up” a few DVDs w/ compression then get the 166S now (dirt cheap @ btw).

read speed should also be considered. i doubt the lite-on dvd writer will match the read speed of a regular dvd drive, such as the 166S.

when will the dvd drive be released?
I´m waiting for over 3 months now and the longer I wait, the less I hear about it.