Should I get a 812s over 832s?

Is there any reason (assuming the price is the same) to get a 812s over a 832s?

What burner IS recommended as of right now?

Please LMK ASAP.

Thanks a bunch!

if they are the same price then 832…if the 812 is cheaper then get that and flash it to an 832…the 812 and 832 are the same drive but 832 can do dual layer out of the box…the 812 can be flashed to an 832 so it can also burn dual layer…it can also use the full range of 832 and codekings firmwares…

Thanks for the reply.

What about a 1213? Is that ok to get also? I want to be able to use my burner to its fullest capabilities. :wink:


Yes, same thing you can flash your 1213 to a 1633 and get a 16x burner with CK fw.