Should i flash or not?



Hello everyone! I have been reading alot on your forum about flashing an OEM . I have firmware G7M9 should i be doing a flash? What advantages would i have if i do? Does it make burning a DVD faster? How long should it take me to burn a DVD? I have already downloaded DVD dycrypter and Shrink.
Anything else i will need?
Thankyou for your help


First, use the drive with original firmware for few days and few burns, just to make sure it is in good condition and while you start learning the backup process.

Each newer firmware has enhancement over the original one you got with the drive. This is true for official updates you get from the manufacturer. Unofficial firmware have enhancements and modifications. It all depends what you need and what you want.

Normally, if you want to overspeed, overburn, bitsetting, remove region control, add more media selection, change writing strategy, remove riplock, etc, you go find unofficial firmware.


Don’t use the latest 1620 firmware.


Read all 6 pages of the thread and decide for yourself. :cool:


You might aught to flash it to G7P9 and run it that way for a while. Read the posts in the Benq forum and get to know what to expect from your drive before cross flashing it.( Not a really have to do thing) Be sure that you close down everything you can before flashing, or flash it in safe mode.
I have a I/O Magic OEM Benq and a Mad Dog (NEC 3500) and they both are great drives so far. :iagree:

Best of luck with your new burner!!! Oh yes, WELCOME to the forum!!! :bigsmile:


hmm…Do you mean B7U9? Is this 'cause of the “missing +R mid codes” issue?


No I tihnk cause some people say it takes 9 mins to burn certain - media. ithink it’s just a few. Others see no real improvement and others still have seen an improvement.


Some people are having good results with U9 and like it better than T9 - it might be more drive dependant at this point or computer configuration or whatever other 100+infinity variables are included in that. I have my BenQ flashed to U9 but haven’t made a burn with it yet - haven’t had the time, hoping to do that tonight yet.