Should I flash my brand new48125w from vso4 to the latest firmware?

Im thinking about flashing from the lite on site to the latest version vs06. I know it states more media support, but my main concern is, do I have anything to LOSE by doing this?

Thanks. By the way, this is a great forum and I have learned so much from it. I have considered myself fairly knowledgable on the subject of cdrws and burning, but this site has taught me so much more. Thanks again.

It depends on whether you are having problems with any of your media as to whether you should upgrade or not. Many prople have found Vs02 better than Vs06 but I have not seen much commentary on Vs04. I have found Vs06 the best of the lot so far.

The other thing is you can always flash back if you are familiar with MTKFLASH. If you decide to flash, then maybe you should make a backup of your present firmare and then have it in bin format just in case. Of course, it is probably available for download already but it is not a bad idea to practice with MTKFLASH. Finally, there is always a slight risk when flashing your drive. Usually one that can be fixed with a new flash with MTKFLASH though.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply. So far everything seems to be ok so I’m gonna leave it alone for now.

VS06 is best

I usually use VS02 but it is incompatibility with my Prodisc Disc (always cause unreable @ min 50,whatever burn speed …but with VS06 it works fine

You will winn new media suport and perhaps some bugs corrections. If you read carefully the sticky FAQ thread on this forum you have all chances on your side to suceed!:slight_smile:

Thanks!! Very reassuring.