Should i enable or disable WOPC, BLER OPC, "solid burn" ? how i can do this?

ok, now i’ve flashed my drive to benQ 1620 B7W9!

should i enable or disabel WOPC?

i have seen, the writer also can BLER OPC! how can i enable/disable this function? what’s better for a good quality, enable oder disable?

can the benQ 1620 “solid burn”?? if yes, how i can enable/ disbale this? what’s better to write in good quality, enable oder disable?

thx for help

The 1620 doesn’t have the solidburn function, WOPC is recommended for the burning quality, you can switch it off if you’ve very good media for a faster burning speed or if you’d like to burn at lower speeds.

You can disable WOPC with Quikee’s WOPC Tool. Read carefully before using this tool. :slight_smile:
Qsuite also works with 1620’s but you have to click away “fail”-something seven times.