Should I enable HTTP Blocking for PeerGuardian2?

Should I enable HTTP Blocking for PeerGuardian2? It seems to slow my browsing a lot, but I also use P2P all the time, so should I enable HTTP Blocking? Thanks

Yes, absolutely. However, be aware that good as PG is, even the program designers do not promise users absolute protection. Reason is that the program only updates every few hours or so and those crafty detectives from various copyright authorities sometimes have a whole raft of IP numbers they can use at will. Be careful… p2p can get you in real strife.

But when I enable HTTP blocking some websites loads really slowly. Can they download from me if I leave http blocking off? (Assuming my block lists are up to date) Thanks.

Yes…the slowness is the browser having to sort through PG. Like I said above, if the authorities want you, they’ll get you, PG or no. Don’t risk it.

Well I just want to make it as hard as possible for them without creating a huge inconvinence for myself. But I just read some info on PG2, I think I should turn the HTTP blocking on otherwise it’s PG2 is useless.