Should I doubt the *writing quality* of the 2510?! Please read why


There is already a review about the 2500 mentioning its great writing quality of all media, but I wonder if this automatically means that the writing quality is as good with the 2510, especially with single layer media like DVD and ofcourse cd-r discs!!

I mean, they had to change something to the laser to make it also possible to write DL media. Since this probably makes things more complicated for the laser I wonder if this won’t hurt the writing quality of single DVDs and cdr discs. I’ve been told that writing quality is really important so therefore I was wondering if anybody can tell me if I should worry about this with the 2510 model?! Writing quality for instance determines how good a burned audio cdr will sound when you put it in a hifi?! Anybody can tell if a burned audio cd sound as good with this drive then with a single layer burner if you have one?!

Best Regards, Mike.

Nobody knows that they changed anything between the 2500 and 2510 other than the firmware. From what we know they are identical in hardware. Of course they may have made manufacturing tolerances tighter but that is all that many believe.

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I don’t think, that CD burning is the point here, this should not be the problem nowadays…
And IMO you can’t hear the difference of good and bad CD burns if there aren’t at least lots of C2 errors…