Should I do this?

I just used a program called Flashfix to patch two Liteon upgrades (the 1673 and 1693) so they would work on my Sony D26 burner. I went as far as to run the program to see if it would accept the drive, and it did. Am I doing the right thing by upgrading this burner with these patched Liteon programs?
Should I use the 1673 or the 1693?

Look here: :wink: Read the stuff at the top and then search for “D26A”

I now have the D26 at 1673S. Tried 1693, it didn’t work at all.
However i still (have never been able to, even on my previous computer/Pioneer 105) can not successfully use RW media of any kind. All I do is hang my computer and make a lot of coasters. R media works fine.
Re the 1693, I would probably attempt crossflashing, except I can not unpack .rar. I just don’t understand it.

That’s because you need to follow the crossflashing steps…

There’s a page that explains this…

I figured it out. Used the patched ks04. Worked OK this time 1693 is up and running. Still no RW…