Should i cry over my DVD burner?

I’ve had a NEC 2510A dvd burner for about 6 months now… It wasn’t as fast as it could be until i upgraded to teh 2.16firmware updates… Everything was fine for about 4 months until today…FOr some reason i am only burning at 1.6x max…used both Nero and Dvd encrypter and both are burning extremely slow…i’m also using Ricohjpn dvd+r’s…I’ve burned over 50 of them with not one problem… what i don’t understand is why this came out of the blue???i haven’t updated changed bios or anything…the only thing i can think of is i should defrag the hd…i’ve been ripping dvd’s to ISO like a mad man so hopefully that is the problem…any help with this problem would be great…thanx


No, because tears consist mostly of water, and water and electronics don’t mix. If you are going to cry, do it off to the side and not over the DVD burner. Okay, bad joke, but I couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, [thread=101616]enable DMA[/thread].

did that :frowning: i just don’t understsand what would change all of a sudden?

only one more harddrive to defrag…hopefully this helps…i’m assuming since this happend it doesn’t mean my NEC is dead does it?

Defragging the drive is not a process that should be done when all else fails. :frowning: :frowning: It’s a good maintenance practice that should be done regularly, either manually or scheduled… :wink: :wink:

Have you tried burning a data disk with CD/DVD Speed, this does not read data off the HD so should give a true idea of your writers capabilities (set dvd speed writing to max though)

Does your computer act like it’s locked up (Lots of activity and driving the CPU usage to 100%) when you burn with your 2510A? I know they can die in different ways but that is how mine went. Just one day it locked everything up, rebooted the computer to try again and heard a strange beep-burp-beep noise from something (turned out to be my 2510A) and pretty much that is all she wrote. It wouldn’t even write to Ridata branded media anymore. Oh well, wound up getting a NEC ND3500AG as the replacement drive for it so I can’t really complain. Did some 500+ burns and had the 2510A for about 9 months.

Have you checked to see if DMA is enabled for this drive? Sometimes this setting changes and the slow access you are seeing could be the result. You can check the setting in Device Manager and also on the Configuration tab of the Nero Infotool.