Should I continue to use my 401S@811S or should I return to 401S

I have crossflashed my trustworthy old LiteOn 401S to 811S. I have made several posts at the “New Crossflash Patch for 401S/411S@811S” thread here. After some testing I’m not sure if i should stick with my 401S@811S or if I should return back to 401S. My first burns I had great sucess wtih, but now I see a tendency to progressive deteriorated burns even if the scans are within the standards.

My first scan are from my 7th burn(811S, MCC002, 8X). Then I tried to reset the learnt media after a Eeprom backup before i burned a new DVD (811S, MCC002, 8X, attached scan nr. 2). Then I restored my Eeprom and firmware for my 401S before I burned a new DVD (401S, MCC002, 4X, attached scan nr. 3). Supprisingly this scan was no way near the perfect quality my burns had before the crossflash :eek: .I have now restored my drive to 811S with my backup Eeprom.

So my question for you are: (1) Should I continue to use my 401S@811S or should I return to 401S. (2) My first scans after the crossflash was very good here. Can media quality inside a DVD box (same media code and label) fluctuate so much that it explains my results? (3) I know that PImax should be < 280 and PIFmax should be < 5. Are the total of PIs and PIFs important when it comes to playability in different DVD-players and DVD-ROMs?

I would appreciate any comments on this.

The 401S is not calibrated to 8x burns from factory. The calculated callibration data for 6X and 8X burning will match some drives better than other.

You will get better burns at 4x than 6x and 8x.

I made my 401s to 411s and finally 811s. My burn result at 8x was not acceptable.

Back to 411S with fine burns. I decided to go for burn quality and not burn speed.

  1. Burn 8x 811s HS0K, read 411s FS07
  2. Burn 8x 811s HS0k, read 811s HS0K