Should I connect my DVD burner to Secondary or Primary IDE connector?



Should I connect my DVD burner to Secondary or Primary IDE connector? Thanks.


Really doesn’t matter.

If both are free I guess it makes sense to put it on the Primary. If you’vce an HDD to connect then I’d make that the primary & the burner the Secondary.



On an IDE-only system, I have HDD on Primary, burners on Secondary. On this SATA system, I have the burners on Primary 'cos both IDE’s are free.


I put mine on Secondary, but that’s just being old school I guess. :wink:


Thanks guys, I have another question. How can I find out what type of IDE cable I have connected to my burner? My computer is about 3 1/2 years old so I don’t know if the cable I am using is oldschool or not. I recently bought a NEC ND3550 drive and it never came with cables or anything so I have been using the cable that was connected to my old burner, do you think that the cables that I used for my old drive would be suitable for my NEC?


Check the picture in this post by DrageMester to see whether you have an 80 wire or 40 wire cable.

I think your NEC will be fine on either type of cable, but these days 80 wire is preferred.


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Mine is a 40-wire, maybe that’s why my drive has been working like s**t since I received it in the mail, thanks.


I had a 80-wire connected to my HD so I switched my cables around. Now I’m gonna see if this motherf**ker works better now! Thanks folks!


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Blue = Motherboard
Black= Master
Grey = Secondary
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WTF are you guys talking about mines bigger, your cks? BTW I tried the cock*r out with an 80 pin and it didn’t make a motherfking difference. I think I’m gonna return that stupid NEC ND3550. It seems to screw up at everything. My buffers go wild when I burn stuff, if a CD has a few scratches on it it isn’t able to rip it, it reads stuff crappy. Do you think my drive is defective?


Can anybody make this sticky? This [B]is [/B]important!



Having switched the 80wire to your burner & therefore the 40wire to your HDD (if I understood that right) you’ve terribly degraded the performance of the HDD. So you will have gained nothing & lost a lot in performance.

NECs are probably not the best readers of iffy discs but they are decent burners.

If after the cable swap the read buffers were all over the place it’ll be because of what I’ve explained above and you definitely need to switch them back & get another 80wire cable for the burner.

Check your DMA settings on both the HDD and the NEC.