Should I choose dvd9 (100% movie) or DVD5 (77% movie) to burn in DVD Platinum?

Hey Im kinda new to this, Ive been usin dvd decrytper by itself to make backups of movies to dl discs and i had no problems(cept for talledega nights) but today I decided to try and burn a full movie to a normal dvd+R using dvdfab platnium and it gives me an option between dvd9(100% only movie) dvd5(77% movie only) and Id really like to know which to choose because the dl discs wont play in my ps2 and I dont want to risk losing the original movies during the road trip that Ill be needing these for.

by the way I use 2 dvd drives to burn, 1 with the movie the other with the blank disc in it and im trying to burn Ghost Rider

Thanks to anybody that helps me

use the dvd-5 option, select main movie and in common settings under dvd write, set the book type to dvd-rom.

You can also switch to “Customize” mode in DVDfab and not copy some of the features from the original disk, which will provide more space for the copy of the movie and improve the quality. If you eliminate everything except the main movie and main sound track, you can make a copy at 100% quality or close to it.