Should I change from Optaric AD 7200A (IDE) to AD 7260 (SATA)

At the moment I have a Sony Optaric AD 7200A (IDE) which works fine with no problems. I don’t do a lot of burning & it does everything I need.

I am going to change to a new motherboard which is sata based but which has one ide port.

Should I get a new Optaric AD 7260A (SATA) or would my old 7200A (IDE) be ok.

Would there be any advantage to the SATA drive apart from cabling size.

There would be no great advantage to changing. Your 7200A is regarded as a [B]very[/B] good IDE interface drive in fact, so changing to a 7260 might be considered a step back. :slight_smile:

I agree as well, if it continues to work OK for you stick with it and wait for it to die someday then upgrade to the 7260 or whatever is the latest best one.
My board doesn’t have any IDE ports now since I upgraded so I use a IDE to SATA adapter on the back of my favorite BenQ 1655, it works just fine that way and I mostly now use it for testing burn quality.

Thanks very much for the advice, I will keep the 7200