Should I buy?

Hey guys I am a newbie to this forum. Im in need of a faster burner and I have been looking into the liteon 40x12x48 cd-rw drive. Should I buy it?

P.S. This is my current computer
Amd Athlon xp 1.53 ghz
Asus a7v333 mb(non raid)
512 ddr 2700 ram
Geforce4 mmx440 video card
Sound blaster audigy gamer sound card
TDK Velo Cd 8x4x32(too slow for me)
Pioneer Dvd Player(i think its 6 speed)<-- it sucks ass

If you ask this question in this forum, what do you think people will answer? I don’t think many here would say “no!” :slight_smile:

Buy it! :slight_smile:

Ummm kkk. HEHE, theres a computer show this weekend near my home and hopefully ill find it for around 50 bucks. I know has some around 50 range!

Y not buy the 32x turn it into a 40x then turn that into a 48x :wink:
ive seen a few people do it in this forum


Ive read that people run into problems trying to get it to 48x Id rather buy a new one. Ive allready got 60 bucks to spend, so i might as well get the 40x12x48!

sure if u got it… its not to much more so might as well get the original 48x… even if they did the same thing;)


If you really need it now: buy it, otherwise wait until the new 6 chipset writers are released (should be very soon) and buy one of those. Higher Rewrite speeds!

I think this one will be fast enough for me. Plus I bet the new one thats coming out will be pretty expensive(over 100 or so). I think ill be happy going from a 8x4x32 to a 40x12x48:bigsmile:

I think ill be happy going from a 8x4x32 to a 40x12x48

There is some evidense that the 48x drives may be a little higher quality, better tolerances etc. they seem to produce fewer complaints about C1/C2 errors on the burned CDR’s.
Food for thought.

buy a 32123S and flash it to 40125S. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: