Should I buy

…this LG made HLDS - Model GWA-4082N for my Gateway M460e Laptop or this QSI SDW-082 (?) I am looking for a DVD burner to replace the CD burner in my sons laptop. I looked on the Gateway sight and it was no help what so ever. I found both of them on E-bay and couldn’t find any others on the net as they do not specify what machine they will or will not fit.

According to the listing, both types are removals from “new” machines. Any help or guidance, even towards another type that will fit would be very appreciated. They are both the same cost and I will list the link here in case you need to see them. If I posted any of this incorrectly, I will apologize as sought the best area to make the post.


I’d prefer the LG.

There are two things to be aware of if a notebook drive shall be replaced:

[ol][li]The drive configuration (Master/Slave/CableSelect) must be the same as in your notebook. Changing the settings is hard and only recommended for experienced users.
[/li]So check in Device Manager if the existing drive is configured as Master (Device 0) od Slave (Device 1).

[li]The faceplate must fit. In case your notebook has some custom faceplate, changing the drive might be difficult also.[/ol]