Should i buy Verbatims or Ridata ? check pics inside



Hello there, here where i live , these are the top quality avaliable dvds i can buy.

Verbatims are made in taiwan and come boxed 10 pieces, and a plastic kind of case. the mediacode is MCC 02RG20

The ridata’s are all bulk, i think the mediacode says g05

I really dont know what to buy,or what brand to trust more, should i buy verbatim since they are box?, and not bulk wich doesnt tell me where bulks have been made or where they come from?

here are some pics of the only good quality dvds i can get around here.

i hope u can help me decide.


A lot depends on your burner, but in general, the Verbatims from MCC are a better burn on my drives than the Ridata G05s. The only flaw in the Verbatim is with the NEC 3500 and the Pioneer 109 (maybe others as well) have a slope (when scanned with Kprobe) at the beginning when burning at 8X and at the end when burning at 12X. They are still within limits and the total errors are lower than G05. As well, there are a lot of problems with low grade G05 on the market.


Buy the verbatim disks and burn them at 8x to be on the safe side.


thanks guys.
i got a pioneer 109, and i always burn my discs at 4x, because i think it will give me more quality.


Well, you would be wrong. 4x is often MUCH worse then 8x on high speed media.

Do some testing first before you come to the conclusion that your media performs better burnt at 4x rather then 8x.


easy choice, verbatim
G05 quality fluctuate greatly and thus I would not recommend it


go for the verb’s much better than g05’s


You will probably get the slope but it will play just fine.