Should i buy this

Im just wondering if I should buy the LTR-32123S. I dont even have a cdrw drive and I heard this is the only drive that works with safedisc. I dont know much about it, so I also want to know if it works good with Nero and Clonecd. Im a newb as most of you can tell.

Yes it’s a good buy.

Or you may consider the LTR-24102B if you want to save some money, the 24X is also more compatible with different programs.

They could both do the same tasks, backup all games…the only difference is that the 32X is about 30 seconds faster for a full 80min CD.

the difference between the two is minimal
you can read reviews here and here

I have this writer and I think it’s a good deal, although the 24x is a much better deal at around $80. I bought the 32123S because it was supposed to be XP compatible (it has the XP logo), but the 24102B is just as compatible (even though LiteOn doesn’t market it that way, the MS Hardware Catalog lists it as “Designed for XP”).

Be aware that “InCD” (bundled with Nero) doesn’t work with XP yet. That means you can install Nero, but not InCD. There are work-arounds and different versions of InCD that are said to work with it, but it’s not officially supported yet for XP. If you’re using it for regular burning, most people swear by Nero (Clone CD and CD Mate for making “protected” copies).

From what I understand the 24102B and the 32123S are very in design and capabilities. I have to admit that the “32x” kind of hooked me. As OC said it’s not a significant time savings. If I could go back and buy the 24x, I would (to save a few $). Czar sends…