Should I buy the LiteON 52246S?



I have pretty much decided to buy it but I have a few last minute questions.

  1. Can this CDRW drive Read + Write pregap?
  2. Is the drive a good subchannel reader?

Also can my ASUS E616 read pregap? And is it a good subchannel reader? Can it read discs with many bad sectors fairly quickly?


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What the hell are you doing, the guy is just asking if a new burner will do these things and you asume that he is breaking rules!?!??!

Give the guy a f#%king break.

And tell me why are you here than?
You just have posted a few messages, are you guilty of having the same reasons as you asume chriso123 is having?

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lol. Actually I am buying the drive for many reasons.

  1. It is much faster than my current CDRW (16x Write).
  2. To back up my games cos I’m always scratching them.
  3. I’ve heard great things about this writer.

and many other reasons.

I’m not buying it so I can copy my friends games and I registered because I’m generally interested in technology. If you need proof just go to and look at posts by my account on there (chriso123) and you’ll notice I’m a Senior Member. You can even read through my posts if you need that much proof.


Good choice!
Reading and writing pregap full support.
Not that good of a reader when it comes to subchannel, but you´ll always have the asus to do that.

Mainly people manage to get good subchannel reading by setting the read speed a little lower.

But I must still say Liteon 52246S is a fine reader/writer. Especially when it comes to backing up protected audio discs.
SD2.8 can be backed up by some programs with this drive.

This even depends on the sample you get from lite-on. Still there are much more topics on this. Try searching the forum.


Well I just ordered it from

Can’t wait till it arrives!!!:bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Again. Please forgimme, don’t know what drove me to do that. I’m just little anxious with war (got a cousin as a troop there) and many other things worrying me, plz understand that.
BTW: I got the same drive and backing up SD protected games was no problem with alcohol or blindwrite.
Again, plz forgimme but I’m going through a very hard time.
greetz chrisi


Total newbie here so your patience is appreciated.

Looking to buy a new cd writer and from trawling thru these posts it seems that Lite-On is a good bet.

Have searched thru the posts and one of them says that the 52245S is the same as the 48 speed version by Lite-On.

I went to where Chriso123 said he ordered from and the Lite-On 52x24x52 is listed there but there is no mention of the manufacturer’s ref of it being a 52246S.

I went to and there is a Lite-On 52x24x52 offered with free delivery which makes it about £10 cheaper than at but it states the manufacturers ref of 52245S in the product description.

Hence, I’m confused. How does Chriso know that Scan is selling a 52246S and not a 52245S (since this seems to be a 48 speed machine with a firmware upgrade)?

What is the difference between the 6S and the 5S? They both seem to be machines that run at 52x24x52 speeds.

Cheers for your help, chaps.



lite-on doesn’t sell a “52245S” drive. the only 52x24x52 drive they sell is the 52246S.


the only 52x24x52 drive they sell is the 52246S.

At least until the mysterious 52247S, 52327S and 52246K turn up.


Yep all we know of the 52327S is that it’s (according to the LiteON website) “COMING SOON”. Wonder when we’ll find out more about this drive.


I guess that waiting for the 52247 series can be better, because with the mediatek 7 chipset, you might be able to overclock the drive to for instance a 54327 if it comes out


Well the drive arrived and I have fitted it. (Sadly I haven’t got 52x media to test it with so I had to burn at 40x). I’m very happy with the speed of burning and I’m gonna make a back up of Simcity 4 now so I’ll report back with results then.


AZimmortal, I guess that ebuyer must have labelled the goods wrong then. I’ve rechecked and they def have it listed as a “5S” drive.

Have a look here

under the popular products section.




yep, that’s a mistake the vendor made. the 5S series of drives stops at 48125S.


Is it true that it makes more noice then other burners?


As for ebuyer check out


seems you should take care…