Should I Buy the Lite-On SHM-165H6S?

I am looking for a new drive and am thinking of buying this one. I have read the reviews and it appears to be a goood choice.

I was just wondering if any of you that have it could post and let me know how you like it? Also, what is the difference between the SHM-165H6S and the SHM-165P6S? Last but certainly not least, what is the best media for these drives? Looking to burn CD’s and DVD’s using the LightScribe technology.

Thanks guys and GREAT forums here!

I should have also included that my biggest concern is that the burner’s writing ability is reliable.

I would stay away from Lite-On. Go Benq

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I have the 160P6s after having a 1693s for almost a year and am more than satisfied-

I opted for the non lightScribe model - 'cause my 2 seconds with a Sharpie beats the 30-40 minutes it takes to LightScribe a single disc (at really high prices)-

Am really having great results with the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s and the Ricoh 4x +R R01’s with this burner-

Happy Burnin’


Everyone has his/her own opinion. I dare say you wouldn’t go wrong with either Liteon or Benq, at least generally. I own 5 liteon burners, the oldest of which…a 401s, is really old and cheap. They’re all working just fine. About 3-4 weeks ago I picked up a SHM-165H6S. It’s an impressive drive. Burning a variety of TY’s, both -R and +R, verb DLs - MKM001 and some older Ritek DLs, which are pretty marginal in terms of quality…absolutely no problems.

I haven’t tried any lightscribe or RAM media yet, but will pick some up…like I need a good excuse to buy more media… :bigsmile: …you can never have too much… :iagree: Anyway, I vascillated between the Benq 1655 and the litey. I noted some folks with the 1655 thought the firmware was less than adequatel re: to DL burning, but that may be resolved by now or perhaps it wasn’t the firmware at all. For my part, I’m happy as hell to have the SHM-165H6S.

BTW, newegg has it on sale for $43.99 with free shipping. Check it out here

The only difference between the 165H6S and the 165P6S is that the H6S has LightScribe and the P6S doesn’t - so the 165H6S is the right choice for you between these two drives. Other than LightScribe the two drives are identical.

The best media for any drive is quality media, not cheap media.
The highest quality media come from brands such as Verbatim, Plextor and Taiyo Yuden, other high quality brands include Sony and TDK.

If you have the time you can read some reviews:

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As an alternative the BenQ DW1655 is also a very good choice.
The BenQ 1655 will probably burn your CD-Rs better than the LiteOn, and it is a more reliable quality scanner for CDs, but the LiteOn is much better at reading DVDs with scratches or other defects.

No single drive is the best in all categories!