Should I buy the 2510A or wait for ND-3100A

I am in the market for a new DVD burner. My old Lite-On LDW-400D is sorely in need of upgrading. My question is should I spring for a NEC 2510A which can be had for under 80 bucks now or wait until NEC put out there new DVD burner, the ND-3100A?

I am torn because as much as I need a new burner I would hate for NEC to put out the newest thing right after I bought one.

Thanks for any info!

when the nd3100a comes out it might be expensive right? Or is it gonna be the same price as the nd2510 one? $80

I am sure it will be more expensive, but it does not matter really if it is better hardware.

if your in the US , has the NEC 2500a rebadged this week for 50 after rebates. they have it as a “maddog” brand 6 in 1 i beleave but its a oem nec2500a and even comes with a black face plate and a oem version of nero 6:) hehehe

As I see it, there is not much point in waiting. For the time beeing, proper 8x media is hard to get, as most of the 8x branded behaves like upspeeded 4x media. DL is difficult if not impossible to get and only 2.4x anyway, so it will take forever to write a DL DVD.

The higher specs for the nd3100a will cost quite a bit more for a significant time after release and you probably wont get much use of the higher specs anyway for quite a period of time. Today it takes just under 10 minutes to write a DVD using the my 2500A at 8x. With 12x this maybe reduced to 6 or 7 minutes, not much of a difference.

Instead of using 120-150 on a 3100A when it is released, I would buy a 2510A at 80$ og even a 2500A at 60$. When the 3100A get down to a reasonable proce, I would consider buing one then or perhaps wait until the next upgrade (like 2100->2500). I never have top spec hardware, but just a level under. On the other hand I upgrade quite often, but in my opinion I get more bang for the buck this way and I get the pleasure of upgraded HW more often :bigsmile:


I don’t give much credit to 12x writers. It is not difficult to predict why some companies decide to jump to 16x directly. My recommendation is, considering 3100 is not even in the market, just buy 2500 or 2510 whatever you think is good.

We don’t even know what company makes best 12x or 16x writer. In 8x world, NEC rules, I believe. But it’s too early to say anything about 16x writers. (See what Pioneer announced as their first 16x writer. as absurd as it gets… Who knows NEC won’t do the same thing?)

After a year, a decent and cheap 16x ± writer can be your final DVDRW. Save your money for that. The price of (a 2500A now + 16X then) and (a 3100A next month) won’t differ so much.

When is the 3100a to hit the market?
Also, there will be competition out there with drives from Pioneer, Asus and Aopen, all using the NEC chipset btw and offering very similar features.
It will be interesting to see the prices :wink:

where exactly in the us are you at because i dont see the sale?

I just caught the specs on pioneer’s newest offereing. Looking pretty good. I think I will hold out a couple more weeks and see what comes around.

I remember a great TV commercial.

It showed a guy in a nice convertible car on a sunny day, with a big box in the back seat that said on the side “New State-Of-The-Art TX5 Computer!”, and the guy was clearly driving home from the PC store with a satisfied smile…

… until he spots workman who have just finished putting up a billboard next to the road which says:

Buy the Brand New TX6 Computer!

( and the punchline was that you should lease your PC from such-and-such company that would replace your PC periodically. )

The moral was that there is always a faster and more advanced device a month or two down the road.

PS The only clear cut major model change in the future would be the first drives that also allow writing to a DL DVD-R disk, but that won’t be until 2005 because there isn’t even an agreed spec yet.

If you were to jump on the 3100A than you have to wait for a while for the Hack firmware, unless you hack it yourself.
So it will takes a few months or even a year for the guys here to hack it. If you can live with the Whatever Locking that the drives comes along than you can wait for the 3100A. No point getting the latest one and find out that you cant burn anything you like because of the original fimware that always been restricted. The best right now is to go for the latest release ND2510A.

wonder who wants to place bets on the 2500 flashing to 3100a LOL
2500a did it unless there is a much more of a hardware change :slight_smile:

im shure NEC will not fall for the same trick but then again they already have . havent they :slight_smile:

I thought this was a totaly new chipset?

Correct, the 3100A will use a new NEC chipset.
2500/2510@3100 will definitely NOT be possible.

remember 451@832? :bigsmile: