Should I buy Taiyo Yuden DVD+rR 16x?



I have an LH-18A1p -> 20A1P, up until now I am using YUDENT002 media DVD+R 8x - and noticed that a steayd decline in quality from TY, 10 times error rates (PI totals, etc…) I’m thinking perhaps TY is focusing on 16x media now.
I am using the non branded, genuine TY in spindles of 100.

Question is, if I buy TY DVD+R 16x, does it burn fine at 8x ? I heard horror stories about DVD+r 16x media from TY being utter, bloody crap, I assume that is burning at its highest. What about burning at 8x is it ok ? Can somebody make some scans of non branded TY DVD+R 16x burnt at both 8x and 16x and some at 12x on a 18A1P or 20A1P or tell me if those are good now.

I don’t want to hear anything about -R media, I use +R :slight_smile:


I have an LH-18A1p -> 20A1P,

From what I’ve read it wasn’t possible to crossflash the LH_18A1P to LH-20A1P. I’m curious to know how you were able to accomplish that.


I’ve been using Plextor branded TY T03 media for some time. Burned at 12x mine are very good.

Don’t have your Liteon though but Benq 1650 & Pio 111L


I have burned genuine Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000T03) with my 20A1H and SH-16A7S @16x, 20x and 8x.
I think I have posted some scans somewhere.



My Plextor 716, refuses to Burn TY +R ( 16X Verbatim…)
Benq 1640, could burn them with no problems…

Go figure…


I still prefer to use T02 and TYG02 (Premium line) at this moment.


PI totals are rather unimportant compared to PI average and max.
Could you post a few scans of the “defective” 8x media?

Taiyo Yuden 16x media has excellent compatibility with newer LiteOn.