Should I Buy Now or Wait?

Howdy folks, I was just wondering if there any plans for the next wave of DVD burners to come out or are we at the cap for speeds? Thanks for your time!

16X is the cap, or that’s what I read. So buy one now.

You want faster than a 6 min full burn? Why the big rush? I’d said wait for a good sale and go for it. Got my NEC 3500A with Made in Japan 50 PK 8X DVD-R Fuji media for $31, delivered. Unfortunately, only one rebate per household. You can pick up a Pacific Digital (BenQ 1620) from Staples now for $60 after rebate.

where did you buy your NEC 3500a from?

Well… Blue Ray and HD-DVD might come out… (who knows)

There is no end to this waiting for technology. If you find a good deal, buy it. New technology comes out everyday!

Well DVD-RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL and DVD-RAM write speeds will go up a bit probably (8x, 8x, 8x, 16x) Blue-Ray and HD-DVD will be reasonable prized at the end of this year … but if I were you, just buy now. :iagree:

buy buy buy…contribute to the GDP!!!

i don’t think Blu-ray/HD-DVD will be reasonably priced for the home user until 1st or 2nd quarter '06.

i think that you are being overlly optomistic… :wink:

what can i say…i see the glass as not even there sometimes :wink:

$31 special promo in DEC 04 @ PC Connection.


The real question is “do you really, really, want DVD burner”?
The DVD burner features you get today are close to the end of the road.
The prices will go lower by mostly few US$. Will you wait 3 months to save $10 but be without modern DVD burner for that time?

Me too… “what glass?” :bigsmile: