Should I buy Nero



I know this is a loaded question but hey it’s my $70 us so I want to buy well. I read through this forum that it works, it don’t work, it works. Are there stiill issues and I should wait, Is it now stable, Where we at here? I assume it is what U all are using to burn faster speeds with slower media. Advice please. :rolleyes:


I vote yes. When Nero 6 was first released is was far from perfect as I had a lot of problems with it using my Plextor DVD recorders. I even switched back to Nero 5.5 for a while until Ahead released a couple of updates that fixed my issues. I can honestly say that I haven’t had a problem since. I use it primarily for burning data CD and DVD compilations and for an occasional audio CD or DVD-Video disc. Of course, I’m using the latest version.


Agree nero is a must for data backup but if your looking at protected games then no it is not much use for that…


I agree nero is a must for cdrw/dvrw data packet writing because of incd. Go on the web and get nero oem for 9 to 15 dollars the most and on the web search put in nero oem to get results. It is not worth the the money for the full version. I got nero oem for 5 dollars with a serial number so as to get latest updates.

To compliment nero oem and have the best of both worlds purchase recordnow deluxe ver 7(not deluxe suite with dla) for making every type music,video, movie , data cdr and dvdr with disk spanning and advanced controls double layer media, mp3 and perfect copies,ect. It is only 49.00 and is super easy to use. I have a cdrw and a dvd+rw/-rw drive and never had trouble with recordnow, not like nero. Between both programs I can do everything.


record now is


Try before buy!
Download from their website and test it for u - if it works flawless with your system configuration…