Should I buy gsa-4082B right now or wait for the 4120b?

First of all my english is not so good, so please forgive me.

I have this problem: right now I have the money and the chance to buy the 4082b here in Colombia, obviusly the 4120b is not available here, maybe in about two months, I think. There are also other things to consider:

[li]My main use for a dvd burner will be data backup, and that’s why I want LG, because the DVD-RAM capabilities, but I will also use it to burn DVD-R and DVD+R for archival purposes.
[/li][li]As long as the media market here doesn’t offer so much possibilities, mainly princo’s and ridata’s, that’s something to keep in mind.
[/li][li]I’m on budget, I have the money to buy the 4082b, but not so much more, if the 4120b will cost US $30 more than the 4082b, I just won’t be able to buy it.
[/li][li]Double Layer is a plus for me, the media won’t be available here anytime soon.
[/li][li]The quality of the burned dvd’s will have to be pretty good, because I will make a lot of archival.

Should I wait? or maybe the 4082b is just fine for me?
help me please! thank you.

The “burn” quality of GSA-4120B’s far better than that of GSA-4081/4082B I think from what I have read so far. I have 4082B myself but not 4120B yet.

I do not think the US price for GSA-4120B will be US$30 more than for GSA-4082B. Perhaps $5 to $10, I guess. LG does not want to lose their worldwide customers. Remember? LG has been No. 1 in the CD-R/CD-RW drive market ahead of Samsung, ahead of Lite-On. LG can only increase market share by keeping the price reasonably low while persuading customers that their DVD burners are as good as their CD burners at least. I don’t speak for LG but I can understand their long-term corporate strategies.

In my opinion, $90 is right for 4120B. It shouldn’t be priced more than ND-2510A or SOHW-832S since 12x and DVD-RAM mean virtually nothing to most people who buy 4120B.

Then I think that it’s better to wait until is available here in Colombia, Thankyou!

I know that you said that you would like to have DVD-RAM capabilities, but if you can do without that, the NEC ND-2500A has failed to disappoint me. It is a great CD and DVD burner and the burn quality on any medium is simply outstanding.


here in italy, lg 4120b is priced at 139 euros

Here in Colombia is so much easier to find lg’s than nec’s, that’s another reason to buy a Lg, and yes, I need DVD-RAM because many times I need to do a temporal backup so I can use my hard-disk for other purposes (data recovery); If I could I would buy a NEC 2500A and a big hard disk, but the problem is $.

Your advice have been very helpful, I’ll wait until the lg is available here. THANKYOU so much!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

About the same here in South Korea. Still about 180,000 Won which is about US$150.

Kenshin, are you having some quality related issues with your 4082b because from what I’ve read it has excellent quality. I sure wish LG would hurry up and get the 4120b over hear. I need to buy soon.

I’ve had no problem but evne then they are quite of the same cost range while 4120B offers far better features at least by numbers. :wink:

If it were me, I’d buy 4120B over anything. I didn’t pay for 4082B myself. A friend in Seoul sent it to me and took nothing from me in return - could call it a gift.

i’m just waiting till I can buy it here in Colombia, and in the meantime I’m going to save the money :slight_smile:

in singapore, LG4082B price has dropped as low as SGD159 now,which is
roughly USD93.