Should I buy burner?



Hi. I plan to get/build a new computer within the next year or so using sata 3.
I have both ide and sata 2 on my current motherboard. I’m using the ide’s for 2 hds and 1 cd burning. Would I be better off buying a sata dvd burner or just getting an ide burner and replacing it if the new motherboard doesn’t have ide?

In either case what are some good burners to get?



first of theres no such thing as sata3 , some ppl get confused cuz sata2 have a 3.0gb’s theoretical bandwidth… and thats always mentioned on sata2 hard drives, but believe me no hard drive/burner actually get that far infact sata2 is not much faster then sata1 , ide is not gonna disappear anytime soon it will last for a long time


Welcome to this forum of CDFreaks, that is all depend to your taste I personally prefer to have my burner to be installed in Internal IDE Controller rather SAT.


Welcome Strawhat360 to this forum of CDFreaks, Internal IDE are old tec and out dated. I personally prefer to have my burners to be on SATA.

Some of the Burners you should be thinking of or looking at are
Plextor PX-760SA
Pioneer DVR-212BK,

I found the Plextor and Pioneer very good and Pioneers goal is to achieve the complete satisfaction of every Pioneer customer. :slight_smile:


Thanks. So is there any real different between using an pata or sata besides the thinner cable and price? It seems likely motherboards will continue to have patas even if its just one port for the next 3 or 4 years. Do I gain anything by spending 60+ for a sata rather than 30 ish for a pata?



In my opinion: no. Most SATA drives on the market share the same hardware as their PATA brothers. But mostly, firmware support is better for the PATA versions.

It seems likely motherboards will continue to have patas even if its just one port for the next 3 or 4 years.
:disagree: Look at the new intel chipsets. They don’t support PATA anymore. Mainboard manufacturers add 3rd party controllers in order to provide PATA connectors. These controllers might support optical drives well, maybe they don’t.

Do I gain anything by spending 60+ for a sata rather than 30 ish for a pata?
Hm. This is a rather high difference in price. Here in Germany, SATA drives cost about 20-25% more than the PATA version.
If you are planning to get one of those new intel based mainboards, then get a SATA drive - you should get them much cheaper than 60$. 40$ should be okay. If you want to get a mainboard with native PATA controllers, then stick with PATA drives.



I’d just buy an IDE drive for now, they have no problem releasing new models that are reaching 16x, 18x, 20x and you can buy a good model for $30. From a speed perspective, I rarely burn beyond 12x for quality reasons and even a 12x burn is only about 1 minute slower than the fastest 18-20x burns. If you get a new MB that doesn’t support IDE, you can just replace the drive at that point or buy an IDE controller card for cheap (I’ve bought them before for about $10).


Yup, I’d go for an IDE drive too, Scoobie has some good advice there.

Only problem then is which manufacturer and model to choose…:bigsmile:


I’d drop PATA like a hot potato, especially for a new build. Bulk SATA drives from Lite-On and Samsung are in the same price range as their outdated PATA sisters here. :slight_smile:


I currently have 4 optical drives, all PATA versions

All but 1 are currently running on SiliconImage SATA > PATA adaptors without any problems at all.

If you do buy a SATA only motherbord then there are options to allow you to still use PATA drives (well, almost all drives except for my BenQ DW1655, this just will not work on a bridge board)

Saying this however, if you have a supported chipset and motherboard and SATA drives are within your budget then go for it. Remember as a general rule the SATA port must not be part of a raid system for the drive to work.