Should I buy an e-reader now? Kindle, Nook or any other?

Hello, I’m looking for some advice. I read the news here all the time, and I noticed there are many articles covering e-readers.
For example this one about the Nook or this one about the Kindle.
I’m a frequent reader myself, and seriously considering going digital.

However, I’m curious what you guys think, should I buy now or should I wait? And which e-reader should I go for? I hear a lot about the Amazon Kindle and the B&N Nook, although I also saw Sony has e-readers too.

Thanks for your insights on this one, if you have any :rolleyes:

I’d rather go to and download some audio books than reading those things on the current e-readers. I think they still suck and have a way too high price. Add $50 and you can have a complete netbook instead of just a pdf reader.

The most important thing about an eReader is the display; anyone that reads a lot will know that printed text is much easier on the eye than LCD and other backlit displays. I would advise that you find a store locally where you can go and look at a selection of eReaders and see if they’re any good. If you’re lucky, you might even get a free trial so that you can test one out over a few days.

From a cost point of view, they’re almost certain to get cheaper in the future, but if they meet your needs now the potential saving would be more than made up for by the use you get out of them, especially if you want to read out-of-copyright and/or free downloadable books.