Should I buy a PX-716SA?

Thoroughly disgusted by a bad BenQ1640/NewEgg experience, I am looking at purchasing a PX-716SA. I haven’t done much DVD burning, but expect to do a lot for a long time.

The first quality I want is reliability. Flexibility and speed come after that.

While shopping, I noticed that the “SA” meant SATA. In my simple-mind, since SATA is faster than IDE, it follows that a SATA DVD-RW would be faster than an IDE ?

Is this true, or simple-minded (but wrong) thinking ?

The PX-716SA is more than twice the cost of a DW1640, but then the 1640 may arrive non-functional. Is the difference in cost worth it ?

Thanks in advance.


The PX-716SA is no faster than the PX-716A; 16x DVD is 16x DVD, IDE or SATA. In fact the 716A, the IDE drive, runs at UDMA4, but even that transfer rate is faster than 16x DVD burning speed.

Wow! You are so… honest (I can’t find the right word) :wink: You are the first who is taking this route (complain about 1640 and go with 716.)

As far as I know, PX-716SA is tricky. You need to be really careful and check your motherboard if it’s compatible with SATA optical drives. Check out this thread before you make your decision (Plextor Motherboard Compatibility List Contributions.)

The 716A have less (if not zero) compatibility problem compared to 716SA. I would also suggest buying from a local store such as bestbuy where you can “test” for 30 days and easily return if not satisfied. My local bestbuy still have four 716A (the IDE model) left for $89.99 clearance price.

After all the compatibility problems with the 716SA I’ve read about here, I wouldn’t buy it and choose the 716A instead.

But if I had to buy a new DVD writer now, I’d choose the BenQ 1640.

Well, the SA really isn’t at fault here, its the SATA chipset makers. The poster didn’t mention if he had an Intel-based or AMD-based system; there seems to be much more success using Intel’s ICHx SATA controllers and Plextor’s SATA drives.

Hi - tho’ IMHO the BenQ 1640 is no better a burner than the 716x - especially not with problematic media - there are enough reports here of hardware issues with various TLA#s of the 716 family that it would be brave to recommend this Plextor to someone demanding reliability. Having said that, my experience with TLA#0305 & later 716As is entirely positive.

The SA - as stated above - has issues with some SATA chipsets - specifically w/ NFORCE: safer to get the IDE version & use MS default drivers.