Should I buy a Newer Lite-on model?



:bow: I bought 2 1633’s for my computer from wal-mart. THought they were the 1673’s.
Did not find out until I tried a firmware upgrade.
Should I stay with what I got or get the 1673S or 1693S?
Thanks :iagree:


get the 1673s. you can easily upgrade its firmware to a 1693s one.


Well if you are happy with the burns you are getting from your 1633S then wait for a newer model and don’t get the 1673S or the 1693S


just wait for the 5s LiteON Buner will be the BEST


And when the 5s-series will be avaible?


late 2005… maybe even 2006… noone knows for sure.


IMHO, 1633S is the “fake” 16x rated drive. 1213S was sold at May 2004. At that time, there is no 16x rated drive in the world. So I think 1213S has only 12x rated laser pickup just like Plextor PX-712A. All of 1213/1613/1633/1653 have same controller and same pickup. I think this is the reason why early 3S drive can write -R only at 8x/12x.

1673S and 1693S have 2nd generation 16x rated pickup. I think this is the same pickup as PX-716A and ND-3520A. 1673S and 1693S are true 16x rated drives. These are genuine, not fake.


but the 1213s is capable of burning 16x. there was just a firmware limit…


Yep, 1213S has capacity of writing at 16x. But it is so far from quality. Many many PIE/PIF/POF… Furthermore, early 3S’s CAV writing area is weird. BenQ DW1620 shows many giant spikes of PIF at CAV writing area.

“The newer is the better”
I strongly recommend 1673S@1693S or genuine 1693S. 1693S is dramatically improved from early 3S drive (except +/-RW), and has fully capacity of 16x writing when you use TDK003, TTH02, ProdiscF02 or TYG03. (Disappointedly, 16x writing of RICOHJPNR02, ProdiscR04, OPTODISCR016, RITEKR04, MCC004 is still miserable with KS04)


I have to say the 1693 is the best LiteOn has done in a 16x capable writer to date.

  1. A quick 16x burn on PRODISC R04.
  2. A good kprobe. A bit high on the outer edge in PIE, low PIF.
  3. A perfect read curve.