Should I buy a NEC OEM drive?

Should I buy a NEC OEM drive?
where can I get the additional stuff like the cables, software, etc from???


Cables? Are you building a computer from scratch, replacing a drive or filling a blank spot in your tower?

If your in the states CLICK HERE :bigsmile:

You can get dvd decryptor and dvdshrink free just type them in google or other search engine …


Go for the OEM drive - there is no software needed to install as it uses Microsofts built in drivers on initial boot after installing-

Best vendor reseller/prices=


I just did. :slight_smile: The drive rocks. :bow:

Or if you want it cheaper, and a free 50-pack of Fuji DVD-R’s, go here:
(There are 2 rebates involved)

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By his post 2 wks ago he already purchased a NEC 3500. So what is up with his current question?

Yes, buy the 3500AG OEM from . I got the item and a 5.25" enclosure with it within 2 days after ordering them. i saw the same item cheaper the following day so they gave me money back for the cheaper one.

I just flashed the driver with NEC’s official 2.18 FW upgrade. I noticed that the FUGI DVD-R 8x discs that used to be burning at x6 are now burning at x8. This is my first time reading about FW’s and such.

My friend says that there’s a FW that i can install that lets me burn at 16x regardless of how much the disc can burn at. Can someone help me out with this? I need details =P

Thanks in advance!

Your freind is a liar. Do some research. Everything u need to know is on the fisrt page of the NEC Forum. First read the stcikies.

It was cancelled last time, but the cancellation thread was merged, which had the side-effect of rendering it easy to miss.

I don’t think it’s a lie; probably just an honest mistake. It’s not too uncommon a mistake, especially for people used to the nx4all-hacked Pioneer firmwares. :wink:

Yeah, thats the drive my firend has. He probably thought i got the same exact one

how will I install the drive if it does not have any cables?
also does it come without warranty?

If you have a computer you don’t need cables. the IDE cables are already there for you.
If you don’t have anymore room in your desktop for an extra driver then I would suggest getting an enclosure. the enclosure already has cables and stuff ready to hook up. I wouldn’t worry about the warranty. rdgrimes said it best: "Flashing any modded or unsupported firmware to your drive will void your warranty. "

is your drive working good? have made any backup copies of purchased movies?

Yes, i have made several backups already of several DVD’s i borrowed from the library: 24 Season 1 and 2

Kaithoy523…Don’t be kidding him like that, he probably doesn’t know that it is unlawful to do that.

Jimmyplexed…Just buy a 3500(or oem 3500) or a 1620 (or oem1620) and a good DVD-rom drive and don’t be reading the forums untill they are at your house.
The front panel on your Dell pops right off and one screw holds the cd drive in place (the other 2 you see that look like they are not screwed in all the way are position holders. Take the cd drive out. put both your new burner and DVD-rom on cable select, slide them into the case and put one screw in each. hook up your IDE cable to both, plug in the power to each, pop the plastic case front back on and rip from the DVD-rom drive and burn to the burner. Don’t worry with firmwares, with what you want it won’t make any differance.

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G.Ivan Awfulitch

where can i get the firmware? the official firmwares latest version?
its available here correct?
is it illegal to put software’s that comes with the drive on to

what will be a good brand name DVD -ROM drive?

Don’t worry your head with firmware, what it comes with will work fine for you. This firmware bit is for us FREAKS that like to push things to the limit and beyond.
Your burner Mad Dog(3500) or Oem benq (Circuit City) will probably come with Nero OEM version. Use DVDshrink to encode with (and/or DVDdecrypter to burn with) both freeware.
If you order from online places I have no idea what thier stuff comes with. You can still use the freewares mentioned above.

See link below in this post.