Should I buy a Benq 1620 or Philips 1640 and who has the lowest Internet price?

I have bought a Sanyo (TSST) TS-H552B OEM model 16X DVD burner at a retail store and am very disapointed with 2 - 3 hour burns and 40-50% coasters with Verbatum 8x R-. I have been burning movies in avi and mpg to DVD.

I have narrowed the choice of DVD burner down to Benq 1620, Philips 1640 or Nec 3500.

I am leaning towards the Benq because of its ability to check media with its utility software.

Any sugestions and who has the lowest prices on the internet? I am in the USA.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Philips seem to be slower than BenQ with firmware updates - although cross-flashing is possible, IIRC. Qscan works with the Philips 1640. Philips (retail) has nicer looking fascia, IMHO.

The NEC 3500 is supposed to be getting PIE/PIF scanning in the near future - although not official firmware, AFAIK.

with regards to internet pricing, newegg is always a good choice. i have purchased from them often. also you may want to look at local retail, i think staples has the pacific digital (1620) for $60.00 after easy rebate. bout same price as newegg.

Are you sure that the pacific digital is the same as benq 1620? If it is, I can try it and see if it works well.

Thank you :slight_smile: