Should i bring my Philips back?



Hi to all, newbiest of the newbie here, i bought a Philips DVDR1620K a week ago, i flashed the firmware with the latest one: 2.5 and now Nero recognies a DVDR1640P.

I need your help… my DVD burner doesn’t work really fine…
Usually i decrypt a DVD (with DVD Decrypter) then i shrink it (with DVD Shrink) and then i use Nero to burn it…

Nero writes all the DVD and doesn’t give any errors… usually i check the verify data option and here the Nero goes crazy…
(PLZ see the LOG attached)

In the DVD player the movie works fine untill i reach the 21st chapther or something like that… i’m going crazy… plz help me, give me some suggestion…



Welcome to the forum.

That’s because you use Princo media, which is not known to be of high quality.

Bad media typically gives read problems at the end of a disk.

The solution is to use better media than Princo.

Just to your information, the log you attached starts with Nero serials.


thanks for your reply!
I thought that Princo was a bad media… now i’m sure… anyway today i’ve tried with another media… EMTEC and i had the same problem… maybe also EMTEC is a pain in the @ss as media… well i will try with PHILIPS media… and i hope that will work.

I supposed that the number in the log were S/N but i wasn’t sure… ops…


P.S. can anybody tell me which media should i use with this burner please ?


Good media to try would be Ritek/Ridata, Taiyo Yuden, Prodisc, Samsung (with the Taiyo Yuden media codes - I know the 4x DVD+R from are TY), Verbatim, and Fuji sounds like it’s pretty good. Get some good media first then you can tell if your drive is burning properly. The only drive I ever had that could burn on the cheap media properly was my NEC ND2500A but since that drive is dead… well, you know the rest of the story. hehe


Burning method slightly odd.
Use DVD-Shrink to rip, shrink, and automatically send an ISO to DVDDecryptor for burning in ISO Write mode. You can also have RecordNow (if available) burn the resulting ISO files onto disc.

Princo media. That will provide extremely variable results.

Philips media. Not bad, but it is CMC and needs for each finished disc to be ripped (into a temporary directory that you will later empty) with decryptor to check data integrity after each burn. That’s just a CMC issue. CMC’s always scan nicely, but it may be data-soup, so do a copy-back test.

Samsung media=not recommended because this is not always TY code. You need a “known good” and this isn’t it.

Verbatim, Fuji, Ritek= A great place to start. Get some of these in DVD+R and you’ll be pleased. Plain Prodisc that is not inkjet printable is of decent quality.

Again, use DVD+R because they are automatically bit-set to DVD-ROM so they can work with everything (although this bit-set is user-adjustable with the bit-set util or the tiny “book” icon in DVDDecryptor ISO Write mode). And, it is somewhat more difficult to purchase junk DVD+R discs (better odds anyway). :wink:


Thank you to all of you guys !!!

As anyone told me the Princo really suck… or better, sometimes they work, sometimes not… :a

Anyway now i’m using DataWrite (DVD+R 8x), when i bought them, the dealer told me that they are like the Verbatim but they aren’t branded…

I’ve tried one at 8x and it went really really GOOD !!! :smiley:

This forum rocks !!!