Should I be worried about high PIEs?

Hi all… had my writer for a few days now. Ive made quite a few burns, this is my best burn so far. Quite impressed that im getting 98% quality but those PIEs seem quite high compared to what others here are getting. Should I be happy with this. Its funny with how much you can tweak this drive… in the past I was used to just clicking the burn button!

Solidburn: ON with MSCE TYG02 profile changed to TYG03
Overspeeding: OFF
12x Burn / 8x Scan

Maybe your strategy swap TYG02->TYG03 is the culprit here …

Does not answer the question though does it?

Those PIEs are alot higher than my personal comfort level… TYG02 PIEs should be no more than 1/5 those.

Not sure why you would swap strats for TYG02 as the Solid burn works really well for TYG02. If you have Supported disc activated I believe you are still using the Solid burn strategy. I tried with YUDEN000 T02 @ YUDEN000 T03 and turned off Overspeed but didn’t select non activated default and YUDEN000 T02 ended up in learned Media, I had just cleared the the EEPROM.:confused: Also I have about 6 different batches of TYG02 and some write like yours ( batches 95 and 110 come too mind) so it could just be the batch.:wink:

Unless your PIEs exceed a maximum of 280 there’s nothing to worry about. The PIF levels are much much more important! And they are excellent on your disc.

Looks like a good burn to me also…

I thought id give it a go swapping the profiles as was achieving simular results keeping the TYG02. I think u could be right on the batch. I have another spindle of these shall see what kinda results they give. :slight_smile:

Ah good to know then that I shouldnt be worried about the PIEs im getting. Thanks all :slight_smile:

hmmm… I notice that the dye on the disc seems “wavy”… more noticeable around the outer part of some discs

Have you tried WOPC on and Solidburn off? Even though this seems to be the opposite of what everyone else here is doing, I seem to get much better and more consistent results with my TY02s by leaving the settings at their defaults of WOPC ‘on’, Solidburn ‘off’ for supported/‘on’ for unsupported, and Overspeed ‘off’. I was getting 1 good burn to 3 burns that would range from coaster to barely acceptable at best when I tried the WOPC ‘off’/Solidburn ‘on’ route that everyone loves here. Now the last few burns at the default settings have all been from 97-99 quality scores.

Then again the scan you provided is very nice, as most here have said. I don’t know that you could expect better on each and every burn.