Should I be concerned by these scans?

I used an Samsung SM-348B to write and read.
Disk was Verbatim 16X (relabled by Iomega) DLP.

The first scan is done at the maximum read speed.
For the second scan, I used Nero DriveSpeed to slow down the read speed to 32X max.

at 32x

What speed did you write the CD-R’s at?
I’ve got a lot of older media which i never got round to using when they were new & i find that writing at higher speeds leads to problems due to the fact the media has probably degraded in the years since i bought it. Burnt at 4x i get good burns.

The disks are new. I burned them at 16X. The only difference is in the read speed.

The discs maybe ‘new’, what i meant is that they were likely to have been manufactured a few years ago so natural degradation of some degree would of taken place since their manufacture.

All i suggest is burning at lower speed to see if the error you get when scanning at max speed is gone. Shame you don’t have a K-probe compatible Burner to check the C1/C2 error rates

I just tried another one at 8X (slowest my writer would allow with these disks).

The scans turns out almost the same: I still get errors near the end when reading at maximum speed.