Should I add a CD-ROM with my Lite-On

I was having problems making working backups of SafeDisc games newer than v2.5 that would play on my LiteOn 32123S. Then someone mentioned that it won’t play in a CDRW drive. I tried it on my brothers PC with a generic 48X CD-ROM drive, and they work perfect.
I’d like to play games on my system from these backups. If I where to get a CDROM drive to add on, would it conflict with my CDRW drive? I have 1 HDD on Primary IDE, and 1 CDRW on Secondary IDE. Both are Master dives. Which IDE should I put CDROM drive on?
Would CDROM drive be able to make 1:1 images better than my 32123S since it seems that some protections are targeted at CDRW drives?

I haven’t a smattering of experience with the 32123S, but from what I’ve gathered in these forums, you shouldn’t have a problem with backups in most other devices…as long as you use the best software and correct settings. You may have to test various softwares to find the drives sweet spot. However, if you must buy another device why not get a DVD-Rom? I have the ASUS E616 (slave on 2nd IDE) which - coupled with a LTR48125W (master on 2nd IDE) - works like a D. Martin/J. Lewis flick.

The remedy is called “Hide CD-R Media”.

@Stomp357: Are you using Clone CD v4.0.1.10? If so you could try using “Hide CDR Media” which is available in the CloneCD Tray. Assuming you haven’t already tried this, of course.

I know. . . Airhead just said the same thing. I wish I could type using more than 2 fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I have CloneCD, and used the Hide Media, but with MechWarrior 4 “Black Knight”, it crashes with on my system using the “Hide CDR Media”, but runs perfectly on my brother’s PC.
The reason I was wanyting to know was that I can get a 32X CDROM for $9 from a vendor/friend. It was a return, but is in new condition. Do CDROMs make better 1:1 images than CDRW drives?

Originally posted by Stomp357
Do CDROMs make better 1:1 images than CDRW drives?
Usually no, CDRW’s are generally more exact and better readers. But it does not apply all the time.

If you do get another Cd-rom drive, you might as well make it a DVD drive. For the cost of a regular Cd-rom a DVd drive will allow you to play movies too. Shoot for around 30 bucks you can get a Artech drive, if you search around.