Should I accept?

a friend of mine offered me 10 princos with dvd cover for 1€ each…
I knew that Liteon’s had problems with these medias so I asked him to try out one…
The result is, in my opinion, really bad!
Judge by yourself with the attach…

So I think I should not accept that transaction?

I would not. I don’t know about media prices in Italy, but 1 euro for this crappy media is too much, IMHO. I wouldn’t jump on them even for the half of that price.
BTW, you may want to update your firmware to GSC2 by the Codeguys.

You are you kidding, right? :rolleyes:

Oh goodness, no. Even if the discs burned fine, Princos are definitely not worth one Euro. IIRC, the Euro is valued higher than the USD right now, and I can get a sweet-burning TY disc for significantly less than one USD.

If I might ask, where can you get TY for under $1 USD?

It depends on where you live. This thread may give you a clue, if you live in the US.
IMHO, the thread belongs to the media forum.


Actually, I think I saw another reputable TY deal for even less. Maybe it was at Acca. Don’t remember. I just remember that it prompted Kenshin (or was it rdgrimes?) to make the comment that TY discs really don’t cost as much as people think that they do.

And good point about this belonging in the media forum. :wink:


I Would Not Accept That Transaction?
Because In 12 Months Or So U May Not B Able 2 Read All The Data Backoff The DVD.
Princo’s R BAD.

Even If The Princo’s Burns Were Like This On My SOHW-812S, I Have 2 Burn The Princo Rated 4x At 2x To Get This Result.

And you call him your friend… :rolleyes:

lol… seriously thou, DONT accept his offer.

Ok I’ve understood…
So no princos for my liteon!
BTW, in Italy I can find Verbatim MCC at a very low price, I think they are far better than princo’s, even if they’re not TY.
He asked me to buy his princo dvds becouse he’se got a plextor and after upgrading firmware he’s not able to burn them anymore!

Thanks everybody for the answers!!!