Should get 851S or 812S

I am planning on purchasing a burner tonight, and I would like to know your guys opinions, the pros and cons of getting an 851 vs the 812. Thanks.

Advantage of 812S:

  • Can do 8x -R
  • Better official firmware support from LiteOn

Advantages of 851S:

I would go for the 812S.

Or so they claim :stuck_out_tongue:

whats this for a question?
the old 851 which burns dvd-r at 4x or th enew 812 which has dvd-r 8x and a hope for upgrade to 832?

Go for the 812s! :iagree:

I had basically the same dilemma. I’ve got 451s@851s, but I needed another burner to install in the relative’s PC in about a month from today. I bought 812s, and I’ve been very pleased with its performance. It did burn better than 451s@851s, but… I’m yet to try a new GSC2 fw from the Codeguys, which will probably bring the burning quality on a par with 812s :wink: At any rate, I’ve decided to keep 812s. It’s a newer model, and if DL media prices become reasonable, I can give DL a try with 812s@832s.