Should disable antivirus to burn?

Is that needed/recomended?

I have been told you should turn off virus protector and any scheduled programs like defrag or disk scan while burning. I turn off all backround programs myself so everything runs smoother and faster for me. Once my broadband line was acting crazy and messed up a burn it was going online by itself. Guess it had a date with another computer(hee hee). I did read a beginners guide somewhere here but can’t find it now. that’s what you really need. CINDI:)

I recommend disabling your anti-virus software, screen saver & anything else that runs in the background. I do. I think you can leave them on if you have a 3GHz proceesor with 1GB RAM or similar. lol

i don’t turn anything off…and burn while running Folding@Home too. then again, i have 1gb of RAM in each machine, A64 processers and SATA RAID-0s going with my HDs.

It’s only really required on way older machines. Even with my old athlon 850 with 384mb ram I could burn with everything running and on the internet etc.


Safe is to turn off antivirus software and anything running in the background - some purest also advocate disconnecting your access to the internet (to prevent any “backdoor” access to your 'puter)-

Personally - I leave everything running - and haven’t had a burning problem yet with 100’s of burns - but that is just me - DYOT


I burn while listning to music and browsing the net at the same time on a 2.8 athlon, 1gig ddr

Sounds about like me. I multitask like crazy while I’m burning, even without a top-end machine, and so far no problems. YMMV.