Shortest CD/DVD burner?

I have a small micro-atx case in which I’d like to install a larger “flower” type heatsink. The problem is that my current CD-R drive is too long and “intrudes” into the space where the heatsink would go. I know that there are drives on the market that are shorter than others.

Does anyone know what the current shortest drive is?

DVD reading/burning would be nice but the only real requirement is that it is a CD-Recorder and it comes with a black bezel.


These are the drives i have on hand. :bigsmile:
LiteOn 160P 6 3/4"
BenQ 1650 7"
Pioneer 111-D 7 1/8"

I do not know the size, but the samsung drives are small

from samsungs website the sh-162L dimensions are:

Size (W * H * L) 148.2 × 42 × 184mm (including bezel)

I went to their site also but i checked the dimensions of the SH-S182D DVD burner. 148.2 x 42 x 170
170 millimeter = 6.692 913 386 inch. That’s the smallest so far. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… googling “170mm drive length” turns up a lot of hits on other brands too…"drive+length"

It seems that they don’t get any smaller than that unless you go to laptop size drives.

LG drives are pretty short. Give me a minute and I’ll find the size.

The LG H10 series is 5" (127 mm)

I believe the diameter of a CD is 120 mm, so that LG at 127mm is really cutting it close to the minimum.

Hehe, you need a new ruler.

By specs, the shortest is LG GSA-H10A/N (165mm), followed by Lite-On 165P6S/165H6S (170mm), Plextor PX-716/755/760 (170mm), NEC ND-4570/71 (175mm) and BenQ 1640/50/55 (180mm).

The difference of actual depth inside a case is pretty small (2-3 mm) since they include the depth of bezel/tray.

It is probably closer to 6" (about 150-155ish mm) but the only specs I could find were at Newegg at 5".