Short review DVDFab9. It's awesome

As some of you might know, i won a full 2 year license of DVDFab9 a while ago during an awesome contest here on the Myce forums.

I also promised a short review of DVDFab9, so here it is my short copying/ripping review. I have not used the converter and creator that much to form a decent opinion about it yet.

TL;DR : DVDFab 9 is awesome. It’s fast and it’s very easy. It would be nice to have a default maximum high quality setting at the beginning though.


Registering and obtaining the license was incredibly easy. I recieved a very friendly mail from Miss Kitty J. She congratulated me. I recieved the license for v8. I made an account for v9, downloaded v9, installed it, put in the license info and it started working. No problems whatsoever.

The process of installing

Downloading and installing was also incredibly easy. Just the standard options of where to install and put the files and nothing much else. No problems whatsoever.

Test enviroment and version
Tested environment: HP ProBook 4730s, Windows 7 64bit, Intel I5 cpu, 8GB RAM, internal dvd writer. (Sorry no Blu-Ray) DVDFab


It’s one icon, so executing is no problem as well. It needs an internet connection for v9 licenses. This is well documented and explained.

The dvdfab 32bit executable eats about 386mb of memory when the program is idle. To compare: flash player plugin took 74mb, Mozilla Firefox is currenly eating 580mb.


DVDFab supports a lot of languages. I’ve tested the English and Dutch langauges and both are sufficient to work with the product.

The configuration is pretty easy if you know what to look for. Some technical things are well explained, some are not. For myself, after been almost a decade on this forum, it’s a no brainer, but i can imagine that the layman might have troubles figuring out his wishes and quality.

It would also be nice to have a default maximum optimal high setting based on your hardware.


Copying an entire dvd and/or main movie of a dvd: No problems. You feed your decice the dvd. DVDFab scans it and you tell where to put the output. It’s fast. It’s clean and it works perfectly.

Ripping a dvd. This is where the magic happens regarding speed. If you have an AMD/ATI and/or nVidia video card then DVDFab9 can use this to process and convert your media faster. THIS IS AWESOME.

Disney DVD Jungle Book Platinum Edition Disc 1 : done in 16 minutes
Steamboy Deluxe Edition : done in 20 minutes.

Disney DVD’s are even better protected than normal dvd’s, so i was pretty impressed by this.

It took me a while to find out several expert options to my wishes. Things like deinterlacing, high quality ac3, dolby pro logic II and/or surround, DTS, using my ATI card for processing, etc. Stuff like that takes some tinkering time.

Getting your personal optimal setting of quality versus file size also takes some time, but is well worth it. All your settings can be saved in various profiles. But in the end you will get a very high quality movie rip well suited for your wishes.

I have used DVDFab9 for a while now and have yet to be dissapointed. The updates are frequently and the changelogs explain everything pretty well.

I am impressed. I love the ease of use. If it could analyze the maximum potential of my hardware and/or the source medium automatically, that would be even better!

Each with their own opinion and mine is that version 8 is way better and will still do movies that 9 won’t sometimes

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2680217]Each with their own opinion and mine is that version 8 is way better and will still do movies that 9 won’t sometimes[/QUOTE]I agree and version 9 is still not up to the quality level of version 8 that’s why they are still producing version 8 updates still a ways to go for version 9 from my testing before i will be swtching to version 9 still many bugs.

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2680217]Each with their own opinion and mine is that version 8 is way better and will still do movies that 9 won’t sometimes[/QUOTE]
I’d love to test that. What movies?

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2680250]I’d love to test that. What movies?[/QUOTE]

Off hand I don’t remember which ones now but all you have to do is watch the website and you will see that some movies can’t be done with 9 and the people had to go to 8 to get them copied :iagree: