Short Question: Which Program to use?


I only have a small prob. I think.

I bought LG GS2164D and Verbatim DVD-R (16x / 4,7gb) witz azo+ which are good Media I think.

After ripping with DVD Decrypter in my internal Notebook-Drive, shrinking them with Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD (into vobs) and then Burning the Movies with Nero in 12x, half of the DVD’s have problems.
They sometimes hang and artefacts are in the Screen, especially in the end of the movies.

I’ve already read highfrequently on the internet and the point i get is, that the problem is not the media/recorder-combination but dvd decrypter. is this right? I read, that DVD Dec. often causes problems like the one I describted.

Can you name me a program which is better to get the files from the DVD’s than DVD Dec.?
Is DVD Anywhere still a good Prog. to use or are there better one’s on the market?

Burning 16x Media with 12x speed is better i read here… that’s right, yes?

Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Thanks -Sören

Short Answer: It’s the burn process.

Your observation that the artifacts and i/o errors occur most often at the end of the movies suggests that the burn quality suffers as it nears the edge of the media. I’m not an expert, but I’ll give you my opinion. Try limiting your write speed to 8x or even lower for a few test runs, especially since you’re burning with an external enclosure.

Let us know the results. :slight_smile:

I use the Verbatim 16X+R in my LiteOn and burn at 8X with no problems whatsoever. I also just bought 200 TY02 8X+R media which is sup to be really good media. My point is the same as mentioned in the above post, try burning at 8X and you should get better results. Also try some +R media. It seems to burn better in most burners.

They sometimes hang and artefacts are in the Screen, especially in the end of the movies.
lower burn speed, as above; good idea.

You may also want to give some thought to reducing the output file size; For example in DVD Shrink, I usually set the file size to no more that 4300; that way you aren’t burning to the edge of the disc, where things have a tendancy to get “iffy”

regards, katzz :slight_smile: