Short question: demux/mux DVD with DD 5.1

Hi, I ve’ got a question. It might be stupid question but i wanted to be sure: when you demux your dvd which has DD 5.1 audio with a tool like vobedit (but it could also be another one) and mux the ac3/m2v with say muxman does the resulting dvd have the same DD 5.1 quality with surround sound etc as the one you started with. A short answer is enough. Thanks a lot!


You are, after all, muxing the same assets. Take care about audio delays when remuxing.

And of course, if you don’t require 5.1 and want to save some space for the video (increasing the bitrate by about 200 kpbs), you can always transcode to 2 channels (losing the LFE) with BeSweet.