Short Playtime!


I am trying to copy a couple of DVD’s namely Shawshank Redemption and Withnail & I. When I run CloneDVD the ‘Video Titles’ window shows only one title - in the case of Shawshank it is 22 minutes and Withnail it is 19 minutes - in other words I can’t see the main movie.

Any idea what is wrong here.

BTW - running legal and latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD


what happens when you click the middle option of clonedvd?, browse for your original dvd, can you see all the trailers ?

can you do a screenshot of this window, just to see whats there.
like this

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Thanks for the reply and the welcome. Your screenshot is what I normally see - main movie, trailers etc but for these 2 movies this is what I see [see attachment I could not see how to paste screen dump into message !]

BTW I also made a mistake - what I am seeing is tiles of 19 and 22 seconds - not minutes.


Ah - I see an attachment appears in the post itself !!

there’s another way, have a read here

back on topic, is this movie your backing up from an original disc ?

Yip - both are from original discs


can you rip the movie from the original disc with anydvd ripper, right click red fox icon in task bar and select rip to HDD

I can - sort of !! I end up with 2 .VOB files and when I play them one [313MB] is the movie menu [and nothing happens when you click on the options] the other is 19MB and is the copyright warning trailer.


sorry, i’m at a loss with this + i’m away out to watch some football tonight, so hopefully someone elso will come along and help you

Odd … very odd. Do you have two DVD drives? A ripper and a burner, for instance? Try ripping it with the other drive.


Gavinpm -

Could you post the AnyDVD Summary page when you insert this particular DVD Movie Title in your Computer DVD devise?


BeLooken means a screen shot like this

TBH, i bought this DVD in the UK (where i live) and i thought it would have been PAL format, but as you can see it’s NTSC :confused:

Bjproc -

I though all Region 2 Commercial DVD Movies were in the PAL Video Format. I guess I was mistaken.


PS- I guess that “Football” game was actually a Soccer Match !

Try to switch off the option “copy protection based on unreadable sectors” in AnyDVD. I believe it is the same bug James has mentioned in the AnyDVD forum.

Region 2 NTSC is usually used in Japan.

Thanks for all your responses - I am back at my PC now and will go through each of them and post back results soonest


Hi BeLooken - screen shot as requested


Hi Tru - that’s the one - did as you suggested and all is good.

Many thanks all members for your help


thanks Tru,

i was wondering about that myself. i bought it from

no, wrong guess, i was watching football, where a ball is kicked with the feet, hence the name, that game your on about is more like rugby :stuck_out_tongue: