Short looping during opening credits only

So far I’ve made about 40+ movie back-ups with DVD21. On only 2 movies (Shanghai Noon and Dracula 2000) I have experienced an unusual problem. During the opening credits the movie will play for about 2 or 3 seconds and then loop back and repeat the same 2 or 3 seconds. After this it will move on to the next few seconds and then loop… and so on until the credits are finished running and from there the movie plays normally. I have a Sony stand-alone player that these movies loop in and also if I play them on my computer with PowerDVD they will also loop. However in ZoomPlayer they play fine.
I use DVDDecrypter in ‘File’ mode and rip’ All Files’. Next I use IFOedit to ‘strip’ out the ‘movie only’ and one soundtrack and no subtitles. Then I close and re-open IFOedit go to the IFO of the movie only file and “Get VTS sectors”. Finally I open DVD21 and transcode and burn.
Any ideas as to what’s happening and how do I fix the problem?

Maybe worth skipping the Ifoedit stage with these 2 and just use DVD Decrypter (in file mode) select all files, then run through DVD20ne using "Full Disk " mode.

Quality might not be as good, but unless the film/extras are really large, result should be acceptable.

I take it you use Ifoedit to increase quality, but have you tried movie only on DVD20ne, without Ifoedit.

The only reason I strip with IFOedit first is to gauge what the actual ‘movie only’ file size is… if its under 4.37Gb after stripping, I just burn it with Nero… if it’s over 5.4Gb I usually compress/re-encode with IC (which takes a lot longer than DVD21)… and only if it’s between 4.37Gb and 5.4Gb will I compress/transcode with DVD21. However tonight I had the same looping problem with Birthday Girl… after ‘playing’ around with it for a while I think I figured out what the problem is… it seems that a few movies use a second angle to display the text (credits), this angle is apparently only needed when text is to be displayed… stripping out this second angle fixed the problem. So yes Phil, you’re right… if I’m going to use DVD21 to compress then I’m better off just going directly from DVDDecrypter to DVD21 in movie only mode. Thanks…