Short changed by .umix files

I ran across an old Areosmith CD of mine that’s aging rather somewhat and I wanted to listen to all 7 songs but CD players only play 6.

Plus maybe I missed it and it was disclosed on the retail packaging, but when I explored the CD on my pc, I only now find to rip the supposed 7 songs to HD so I can later burn them to a fresh CD, it seems I’m forced to install Sony’s spyware (umix).

Converting the '8.umix file (with SUPER set to DirectX/MP3) merely got me an mp3 of one song’s drum track.

So short of my simply playing the “6” songs and using Audacity or something else to capture and convert the audio to mp3, is there any way besides the spyware to convert the CD’s .umix files?

There’s two in the “songs” folder, You Gottas Move 8 and You Gotta Move 16 (both .umix files).

Grrrr. I feed apyware to my dog, he loves it, I don’t.

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Ahh, that’s “spyware”, not ‘apyware’ and that’s "You Gotta Move8.umix, not ‘You Gottas Move8.umix’.

Note: Though I’d sort of succeeded in using SUPER (set to mp3/DirectX) to convert one playable file ('8.umix), in that the first time it loaded into iTunes, it listed 6 tracks with no details, but unfortunately I didn’t try or succeed in saving the tracks as while they played fine, I can’t again recreate their listing as iTunes (and everything else) lists the ‘song’ as the file’s name and it only plays one of the album’s song’s drum track.

Odd too is that Windows says the file’s 5MB file (vs the original of 122,440KB), iTunes just once listed 6 tracks, all of which played (once) like they do on a standalone DVD-CD player, even though the retail disk says “*for ppc only” (in micro print).

SUPER’s analysis says the file is a 128 Kbps bit rated MPA1L3 format with a play time of “5mn 31s” (?).

So even though iTunes once listed each track at their proper lengths, I still kinda feel I’m being sorta gyped outta the 7th song.

I’m guessing that I still had the album’s ‘CD-ROM’ (?) in the drive when I forst got the tunes to list as 6 tracks, and either the disk took a ‘hit’ then and locked itself down or maybe my ‘one time’ disallowing iTunes to ‘phone home’ caused the tracks to no longer list.

Guess it’s no big deal even though I suppose it was/is the best one (“You Gotta Move”), to avoid the spyware install, looks like I’ll have to rip the 6 tunes into Audacity, convert to mp3 and be staisfied I at least got that many.

As for the '16/umix file, it fails at convereting w/SUPER, ‘crashing’ (shutting it down the second after it seemed to have finished the same 3 second conversion that the '8 file took, except the resulting SUPER file is 0 bytes.

Don’t you just love a good mystery?