My mp3 player has kicked the bucket, and I’m in the market for a replacement. I’ve fallen in love with the Rio Karma, but as Rio has been out of business for the past few months it’s getting increasingly harder to find any on sale.
Actually, it’s near impossible here in Europe, and even if you do you’re likely to have to pay high prices (€280+).
I’ve found a few shops in america selling either brand new or refurbished Karmas for much less ($160). I wouldn’t have a warranty, of course, but neither I want one, as my plan is to take the player apart and replace the disk with a bigger one, which would invalidate the warranty anyway.
The only way I’ve found to get stuff from America in shops that don’t ship overseas is to use the service. I’d use the free method.
Does anybody here have any experience with them? Is there anything I should know? How does it work, exactly (I mean, that 5 bucks or so can’t be everything I pay to have the item shipped here, right?)