Shops in the UK that ship to Belgium



It’s been confirmed SVP no longer will ship to Belgium.

Are there any alternative media shops in the UK that will ship to Belgium? Preferably with a large choice of media.



#2 ship to belguim ive bought 200 yuden000t02 and they top notch the first 100 i got where (TG000041) and the second 100 are (TG001162)only burnt 3 so far out of the first 100 and the scans are excellent


Thanks, I’ll check them out!

Any other shops? I’m looking for as many alternatives as possible.



Damn! My order just got cancelled and DVDshoponline no longer offers Belgium as a destination.

So no T02 or Infiniti for me :sad:



There are many German online shops that still ship to Belgium. Especially shops not specialised on media (the prices are not necessarily higher, cheap Verbatim can be had in those shops as well).

Just found those at Froogle: (€ 12 shipping cost to Belgium) (€ 15 shipping)

There are lots of other shops out there too. I don’t know how reliable those are though as I just found them. But I think despite the shipping costs, ordering online in large amounts may still be cheaper than buying in Belgium.


Yes, I have plenty of German/Luxemberg shops that will ship to Belgium. But they don’t have Infiniti or T02. Verbatim is fine but they’ll never tell you if they’re CMC’s…

I’ve been googling for the past hour to try and find UK stores but either they’re ridiculously expensive or they won’t ship to Belgium.

Guess I’ll now concentrate on trying to find a friend in the Netherlands or Aachen that can receive a parcel for me instead of trying to order direct.


#7 are still shipping.


Hi yes ship the Belgium. Delivery is 9.99 eur for uo tp 30kg. They are really cheap too.

#9 ship to belgium.

just seen how old the thread is